What is Tarot? (And what ISN'T it?)

I have always thought of tarot as a contemplative tool as opposed to a predictive one. The cards provide food for thought and they can help you view your situation or question through a new lens, but they don't hand you a predicted outcome on a silver platter. All of us are blessed with free will, and ultimately we are the only ones who can decide upon a course of action. The cards can help to unlock your intuition or uncover a perspective you may not have considered, but they're not going to tell you what to do or forecast a particular outcome. 

As a tarot reader I adhere to a stringent code of ethics -- I cannot give you specific advice, yes/no answers, or predictions. Though intuitive, I am not psychic and I refrain from giving advice around legal, financial, or health issues, or anything else that might lead you to engage in risky behavior or decisions. Again: any insight from the cards is always subject to our own free will.

By purchasing readings from me, you signal that you understand and agree to these terms and you also acknowledge that for the reasons stated above, I make no guarantees, do not offer refunds, and reserve the right to end our relationship at any time.